"Talking Through The Storm"
Judith Johnson Kypta

The lightening was flashing
Rain was falling hard and fast....
The thunder was clashing
All was dreary and downcast

Sitting near the window.......
I stared out at the gloom
Only the bright... Candle glow
Brought comfort, to the room

As the rain kept... Falling
Beating hard, against the earth
Another log, I ended hauling
To the fire, from the hearth

I began speaking ... Very softly
To the "Lord" about some things
I marveled at the pleasure, that
Talking to him brings......

I could feel his gentle presence....
As I talked, for what seemed hours
I thanked him for the falling rain
For it would bring, the flowers

I thanked him for the trees......That
Gave the logs, for the fire
I praised him for the warmth
That I felt in this.... Hour

Then I rocked a little while
Sitting quietly ...In my chair
Enjoying His sweet presence......
For, I could feel him near

The rain became a drizzle
Bright lightning, ceased to be
The fire, now......Just a fizzle
Clouds, moved toward the sea

I was thankful for the storm
As it gave a chance for talk
To my Lord, Who gently Guides
Through my life, as I walk.....

Copyright © 2005 Judith Johnson Kypta
Used with permission * All rights reserved

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